Friday, September 11, 2015

So I've been away for a little while. But I'll always come back. I mean I don't have anywhere exciting to go to any time soon... Oh wait that may have been a lie.

So classes have been good, not getting easier, but also not getting harder. And thank god for that one. I swear if they had gotten any harder within this past week... *shudders* I don't know what I would do. But then again.. what could I do? I don't give up that easy.

Plus, I sadly had to drop my second job *cries to self* but at least now I'll be able to get my college work done, take care of my horse, survive my weekend job without feeling like a zombie, and still sleep. Which was probably the one thing that I was having troubles with. SLEEPING of all things was getting hard for me to do and find time for. I mean who doesn't sleep? Well besides vampires and the creatures that tend to go bump in the night, but aren't humans supposed to sleep at least 7-8hrs a night?? That's what I've grown up being told, but I seem to need less and less sleep now a days. *gasps* Wait! What if I'm turning into a vampire?! He He the things I could do...

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Finally on my last class of the day, Yay! But who knows this could be one of the hardest months of my life so far. Anyone have any ideas about how I could get through this? It's 7:40pm and I'm not even done class till like around 9:30pm and then wont get home till around 10ish. And then guess what? Yup more homework. Gotta take an online pre-test for my computer class and if I get an 80% or higher I don't have to go to that class till the next pre-test is ready. That's AMAZING! But I also have some English work that I need to get done as well hat I didn't know about before today. *sad face*
One class done for the day, two more to go and I still have to pick up new books for my night class tonight. Who knows when I'll get home and who knows when I'll get all of my work done tonight either. I don't get it, why is my life so hard? But hey the harder I am on myself now, hopefully the easier it will be later on in life when I'm living on my own.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Damn this library is cold... but at least being down in the children's area I'm not bothered by anyone at the moment. Gives me the ability to breathe and let go of everything. Honestly, I hate it here. I worked all four years of my high school career and loved being in the library, but I'm just not making the same connections as I did over there. I think being away from it for so long is what had changed me.. Oh well!

So guys how are we doing tonight? What are your plans? Gotta be better than mine, right? Hit the comment button or the +1 button to let me know that I'm not just talking to myself. Don't be shy, I promise I wont bite ya.

My nights are boring, being alone all the time. But hey I got two more hours to go and then I can go home and run. Yes, in the dark... its not scary, I love being in the dark! Maybe I'm inhuman... He he wanna find out? No? Okay, I can do rejection.

Have an amazing night everyone, cause I know my only amazing part will be the running in the dark! :P

Well let's just say one week down, and I'm not even two days into week two! My brain isn't working anyone, my physical body is fine. I'm everywhere that I should be physically, but now mentally... oh let me tell you... mentally is another story in general. Mentally I'm no where near sound.

So here I am, on a day where I don't have any college classes and should be relaxing right? HA! You're wrong Haley... here you are sitting at home on your day off working on 8hrs of math homework, and trying to type an essay on The Social Horse. (OK the essay wont be too hard because I love horses) But still, not how I planned on spending my day off here.

Oh and to make matters worse I have to go to work 4-8 and Close at the Library tonight. But I think I might be dropping that job. 6 college classes, 3 jobs and a horse (but I'm keeping the horse!) is way to much for my poor brain. I'm not sleeping at night, not functioning during the day with being tired and all, but then when I go to sleep at night I can't because my poor brain wont shut off.