Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 15th, 2015,

It feels so good to finally be done and be on break where I can work more, and spend more time with my horse, and friends. And I already registered myself for next semester too, so that's out of the way. Taking 5 classes yet again, but this time it's only 14 credits instead of close to 18. Which I honestly don't mind because my math class is shorter and hopefully I will be done it quicker, which knocks me down to only 4 classes. Plus, I only will have English once a week, Wednesday mornings, and then 3 Equine classes, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights as well. Which hopefully means at least 4-5 days of working a week and more time with my Rebel Rebel (horse).

So are you guys excited for Christmas being next Friday?! Like who isn't ready??? Because I know that I am not, at all ready. It just came so quickly, and the weather? Is it spring or winter? LOL.

But seriously, what do ya'll want for Christmas?

Well, Happy Holiday's! I'll be back later!