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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Damn this library is cold... but at least being down in the children's area I'm not bothered by anyone at the moment. Gives me the ability to breathe and let go of everything. Honestly, I hate it here. I worked all four years of my high school career and loved being in the library, but I'm just not making the same connections as I did over there. I think being away from it for so long is what had changed me.. Oh well!

So guys how are we doing tonight? What are your plans? Gotta be better than mine, right? Hit the comment button or the +1 button to let me know that I'm not just talking to myself. Don't be shy, I promise I wont bite ya.

My nights are boring, being alone all the time. But hey I got two more hours to go and then I can go home and run. Yes, in the dark... its not scary, I love being in the dark! Maybe I'm inhuman... He he wanna find out? No? Okay, I can do rejection.

Have an amazing night everyone, cause I know my only amazing part will be the running in the dark! :P