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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Well let's just say one week down, and I'm not even two days into week two! My brain isn't working anyone, my physical body is fine. I'm everywhere that I should be physically, but now mentally... oh let me tell you... mentally is another story in general. Mentally I'm no where near sound.

So here I am, on a day where I don't have any college classes and should be relaxing right? HA! You're wrong Haley... here you are sitting at home on your day off working on 8hrs of math homework, and trying to type an essay on The Social Horse. (OK the essay wont be too hard because I love horses) But still, not how I planned on spending my day off here.

Oh and to make matters worse I have to go to work 4-8 and Close at the Library tonight. But I think I might be dropping that job. 6 college classes, 3 jobs and a horse (but I'm keeping the horse!) is way to much for my poor brain. I'm not sleeping at night, not functioning during the day with being tired and all, but then when I go to sleep at night I can't because my poor brain wont shut off.