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Friday, September 11, 2015

So I've been away for a little while. But I'll always come back. I mean I don't have anywhere exciting to go to any time soon... Oh wait that may have been a lie.

So classes have been good, not getting easier, but also not getting harder. And thank god for that one. I swear if they had gotten any harder within this past week... *shudders* I don't know what I would do. But then again.. what could I do? I don't give up that easy.

Plus, I sadly had to drop my second job *cries to self* but at least now I'll be able to get my college work done, take care of my horse, survive my weekend job without feeling like a zombie, and still sleep. Which was probably the one thing that I was having troubles with. SLEEPING of all things was getting hard for me to do and find time for. I mean who doesn't sleep? Well besides vampires and the creatures that tend to go bump in the night, but aren't humans supposed to sleep at least 7-8hrs a night?? That's what I've grown up being told, but I seem to need less and less sleep now a days. *gasps* Wait! What if I'm turning into a vampire?! He He the things I could do...