Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

So this week I am puppy sitting!!! She is such a cutie pie, she listens to me, watches syfy and Travel Channel every night with me because I am spending the week at her house with her. And she is a cuddler at night so I am extra warm.

Well anyway schools been going great, did I say that I was down to just four classes now? It's so nice being able to sleep in on Wednesday's or go riding in the morning before my 2-4 o'clock class. And I'm almost done my math class too, which is nice then I'll be down to just 3 classes to finish off the semester with.

But sadly, I can't go and register for next semester till I go with mom to officially move my address and living situation to within the state of Maryland so I can learn to live more on my own, and not have to pay for out of state extras to go to school. It's not that bad but every last dollar helps, right?

Well today I work 11-6:30, it's an all day shift at work and I'm kind of hoping we are some what dead because one of the newbies is working and he doesn't actually know how to do anything. He is willing yes, but he doesn't really do much and you have to keep checking up on him to make sure that he is actually doing what we asked. But hey, I guess everyone has their slow starts, I still need help with some things even after being there for 2 years now, so there isn't anything wrong with it.