Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Hey guys so I just found out that my CIS 101 class, that I take every Wednesday morning I don't have to go to for the rest of the semester now. I just took my PowerPoint test on the computer and scored  high enough that I no longer have to go. And get this, my teacher is going to plug in 100% for all of the homework assignments that I would normally have to be going to take. So ya ya for me! Now I get to sleep in a little more on Wednesday's, and I can go ride my horse before my 2 o'clock EQS class.

But besides that, college is going great. I have a paper due for English class tomorrow that I'm just about done, and I only have two more objectives in my math class to complete. And I'm aiming to get those done before Thanksgiving so I will be down to just taking three classes to end out this semester. So technically now I'm down to just taking four college classes. I went from six to four in what, one month? Two months? Not bad.

Work has been great too, I worked yesterday 10-4 and the rest of this week I only work Friday 12-6 and Saturday 10-4 again, so about 16.30 hours of work. I'm hoping next week I can get in a total of four days to help bring in the money because I'm starting to save up for a car.

What kind do you guys think I should get? I'm thinking somewhere under the Dodge brand, but drop your comments below and give me some ideas. I'm open for anything.