Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

Work was good today, we were extremely busy for a Sunday, which was weird because we are constantly slow. And I knew as soon as I walked in and my supervisor went into the back room to start to turn everything on that it was going to be busy because the phone had started to ring. And the lady wasn't even nice or understanding that we weren't open and that the systems weren't even up and running so she was bitching at for not having it all set up yet. Like um hello? We don't open until 11am and your calling in at 10:30. Guess what, you can call back when we are actually up and running and your in a better mood. Because I think you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

But I can't really say that to a customer so I dealt with one bitchy customer after another, and that's how my day went.

And now I watching Once Upon A Time with Boo before we go up to bed and spend the rest of our night up there. I found a work out bike machine in their living room area and they said that I can use it, so before school tomorrow I am going to be working on the bike and get in my leg day for the start of the week. I'm kind of excited because I haven't in a while and I would like to get back into it too. So I think that's going to be a good start for my day. I'll probably do like an hour at least, and then rest before leaving for school.

Well Good Night guys, its been a long one and I'm ready for something relaxing and sleeping upstairs with Boo.

Hope ya'll sleep well!