Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Good Afternoon,

So far today I have only had Math class and am currently sitting in English class. But OH. MY. GOD...I was getting to the point of almost killing this kid in math today. He wouldn't shut up, arguing with our professor like a child, banging on the computer table because he was getting frustrated, and then either listening to really loud Christmas music on Pandora or some comedy station and almost dying he was laughing so hard. I was really getting to the point where I was going to stand up, walk past him like i was going to the bathroom, and then (BAM!), sucker punch him.

You know I can only turn up my volume on my iPod, while listening to Trapt, so loud before either it kills my ears, or the teacher asks me to turn it down.

But now that, that is over, I can breathe, I am actually OK with how my day is going so far. We are going over controversial arguments over the Confederate Flag, and food. I don't get how those two work, but my professor has made it happen. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

So my day has been good, right now though my boyfriend seems to think that it is okay to tell me what I am allowed to spend my free expensive movie tickets on and what I am not allowed to spend them on. My movie genre that I like are fantast, action adventure, and syfy with twist of romance. I do not watch comedies, or straight up romances or anything in between. And yet he seems to think that it is okay to tell me what I'm supposed to watch or like. But yes, I may be on that time of the month, and I may be in an emotional state, but that just isn't right! I don't judge him on what he likes to watch or what he wants to go see, so why does that give him the right to do that to me? Yes, I am getting a little heated over this but I can't help it. My hormones are screwed up and I hate it when people are trying to tell me what I am allowed to like/spend my things on.

But besides that, class was good, we started our hands on parts of the final exam because it is a basic horse handling class, and both of the two that I was chosen to do I got 100% on... go figure! It is like the easiest class I've ever taken!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

Work was good today, we were extremely busy for a Sunday, which was weird because we are constantly slow. And I knew as soon as I walked in and my supervisor went into the back room to start to turn everything on that it was going to be busy because the phone had started to ring. And the lady wasn't even nice or understanding that we weren't open and that the systems weren't even up and running so she was bitching at for not having it all set up yet. Like um hello? We don't open until 11am and your calling in at 10:30. Guess what, you can call back when we are actually up and running and your in a better mood. Because I think you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

But I can't really say that to a customer so I dealt with one bitchy customer after another, and that's how my day went.

And now I watching Once Upon A Time with Boo before we go up to bed and spend the rest of our night up there. I found a work out bike machine in their living room area and they said that I can use it, so before school tomorrow I am going to be working on the bike and get in my leg day for the start of the week. I'm kind of excited because I haven't in a while and I would like to get back into it too. So I think that's going to be a good start for my day. I'll probably do like an hour at least, and then rest before leaving for school.

Well Good Night guys, its been a long one and I'm ready for something relaxing and sleeping upstairs with Boo.

Hope ya'll sleep well!
Sunday, November 15th, 2015

So this week I am puppy sitting!!! She is such a cutie pie, she listens to me, watches syfy and Travel Channel every night with me because I am spending the week at her house with her. And she is a cuddler at night so I am extra warm.

Well anyway schools been going great, did I say that I was down to just four classes now? It's so nice being able to sleep in on Wednesday's or go riding in the morning before my 2-4 o'clock class. And I'm almost done my math class too, which is nice then I'll be down to just 3 classes to finish off the semester with.

But sadly, I can't go and register for next semester till I go with mom to officially move my address and living situation to within the state of Maryland so I can learn to live more on my own, and not have to pay for out of state extras to go to school. It's not that bad but every last dollar helps, right?

Well today I work 11-6:30, it's an all day shift at work and I'm kind of hoping we are some what dead because one of the newbies is working and he doesn't actually know how to do anything. He is willing yes, but he doesn't really do much and you have to keep checking up on him to make sure that he is actually doing what we asked. But hey, I guess everyone has their slow starts, I still need help with some things even after being there for 2 years now, so there isn't anything wrong with it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Have I ever told you how frustrating college math is? I have been working on the same math objective since my two hour class Monday morning, so that is three days now, and I finally, FINALLY passed it. It has taken me almost three hours to complete it. *letting out a more than welcome hold of breath out* I can't tell you how many pens I have thrown across my room right now. But what's done is done and I can't be anymore happy.

How is everyone's day going? Was it filled with fun and exciting things? I hope so, this world is going on the verge of being boring. And I can't take a boring life, I like my spiced up, non-human involved life.

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Hey guys so I just found out that my CIS 101 class, that I take every Wednesday morning I don't have to go to for the rest of the semester now. I just took my PowerPoint test on the computer and scored  high enough that I no longer have to go. And get this, my teacher is going to plug in 100% for all of the homework assignments that I would normally have to be going to take. So ya ya for me! Now I get to sleep in a little more on Wednesday's, and I can go ride my horse before my 2 o'clock EQS class.

But besides that, college is going great. I have a paper due for English class tomorrow that I'm just about done, and I only have two more objectives in my math class to complete. And I'm aiming to get those done before Thanksgiving so I will be down to just taking three classes to end out this semester. So technically now I'm down to just taking four college classes. I went from six to four in what, one month? Two months? Not bad.

Work has been great too, I worked yesterday 10-4 and the rest of this week I only work Friday 12-6 and Saturday 10-4 again, so about 16.30 hours of work. I'm hoping next week I can get in a total of four days to help bring in the money because I'm starting to save up for a car.

What kind do you guys think I should get? I'm thinking somewhere under the Dodge brand, but drop your comments below and give me some ideas. I'm open for anything.